The Majestic Potato Cod

A cool screensaver where a load of potato fish swim around your screen and eat each other. While you’re at it, why not also post facebook updates via a potato?

Among my favourite animators are Cyriak and Terry Gilliam.  Although I don’t follow an interest in animation at all, I occasionally get bored and end up producing oddities such as this screen saver.  I created it in a hurry and due to extreme laziness it requires .NET Framework 4, probably won’t run on old computers, and will certainly have issues with Windows 8 (let’s face it, what doesn’t have issues with Windows 8?)

Download the majestic potato cod from here.


On Windows, extract the screen saver from the downloaded zip file, right-click on the screen saver file and select “Install”. It’s really that simple… unless you use Windows 8 in which case you’ll need to sacrifice a goat, pray to Mephistopheles, fight with the kneejerk security design then eventually give up and install XP/Linux…

Although this screen saver also runs fine under WINE/Mono on modern Linux distributions, I have no idea how to package it as a Linux screen saver – if you do this then feel free to post a link or git repo in the comments section.