Segment timer: Improve your multitasking with Segtimer

I often used to get “sucked into” debugging and diagnostic projects.  This little utility helps to prevent that – it is basically an alarm clock that hides in the system tray and goes off at preset intervals with a choice of notifications (annoying noise, popup message, flash scroll-lock LED).

Download from here.


Upon launch, this program will ask for some parameters:

  • The time interval which to alert you at
  • How to alert you:
    1. Flash the scroll-lock LED on your keyboard
    2. Beep at you
    3. Show a popup message

After setting the parameters and clicking OK, Segtimer will hide in your notification area (the “tray”). The tray icon has several actions:

  • Left mouse button double-click: Reset timer
  • Middle mouse button click: Edit parameters
  • Right mouse button double-click: Close Segtimer

To launch Segtimer with preset parameters (e.g. from your Startup folder), use the following syntax:


For example, to alert at 40-minute intervals with [F]lashing scroll-lock, [B]eep but no [P]opup, call: